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The Power of PSE
Precision, Strategy & Excellence
In every transaction.

Who We Are?

PSE Trading is a trading & investment firm specializing in the blockchain and digital asset fields, with a unique focus on Web3 technology and innovations.

We excel in four key areas: venture capital investment, asset management, acceleration & consulting, and research & analysis.

Our expertise lies in managing digital asset investment funds and strategically cooperating with promising projects with extensive commercial applications.

With over 9 years of experience, our dedicated team of traders covers 100+ trading pairs in Web3, which we constantly monitor and engage with.

We are a leading team in early-stage blockchain deployment, providing tailored solutions and sharing trading insights to our investors.

We approach every trade with a rigorous attitude and a robust strategy, providing insights into what we're seeing in trading across different asset classes.

Cognition is a crucial factor for long-term success in the market. Our goal is to reflect our deep understanding of the world in every piece of wealth we acquire. As a team, we collaborate to tackle complex problems and uncover the true value of our workforce.

PSE Trading's Culture

Main Strategy

Trend Trading

Quantitative Arbitrage Trading

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